Tuesday, October 29, 2013

MISSING!!! The Memory Keeper

Oh there is panic in the Ellison household.  Miss Meisyn cannot find her Ipod.  This is a coming tragedy.  The Ipod was on her Sand Bucket List and was donated by a group of very loving moms.  Here is a reminder of that joyous day.

Its not just an entertainment device.  It is her Memory Keeper.  Something she is adamant goes to heaven with her so she remember the joys of her life.  (I recommend a tissue before you follow the next link.)

We leave for our MAKE A WISH trip to Disneyworld  ONE WEEK from today.  We need the Memory Keeper!  Last night Meisyn began bartering Jesus for help, LOL!  She brought me a drawing and asked if I could mail it to Jesus.

Me:  Wow Meisyn.  You and Jesus are having so much fun.
Meisyn:  We were just talking and playing.  I told Him I would draw a picture to him.
Me: You wouldn't be wanting Him to tell you where your Ipod is hiding would you?
Meisyn: Yep!  He will know.

Okay Jesus, help us find it.  I know You can too.  And I have lots of friends that I am confident will help us ask you too.  By the way, I have never seen You in a necktie.  Makes me smile.
******** UPDATE 10/31/2013 *********
THE LOST HAS BEEN FOUND!! The frantic searching has ended and the Memory Keeper has been recovered. With Ammie and Liyah hiding treasures, missing precious things could be anywhere. But it was not them at all. Meisyn knows she needs to keep the Memory Keeper safe from the Littles but her memory is not what is used to be. One of the bummers of the progression of her condition. She said that her mind told her to look behind a wooden quote we have leaning against the front of the stairway. Sure enough, there is was, tucked where she had put it. We would not have found it until we decorated for Christmas. THANK YOU for the whisper in her ear that jogged the memory.

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  1. Do you have another iPod, iPad, or iPhone? Download the "Find my iPod" app on all devices and make sure they all connect to wireless. If it goes MIA again, you can find it fairly easily using that app on another device.