Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Meisyn's Sand Bucket List

I have been asked to share what is on Meisyn's Sand Bucket List.  I will post the actual list so you can hear directly from Meisyn on what those items are.  Her very last item she does especially well.

Go to Auntie Kim's house
Go to Disneyland
I want to meet of Rapunzel
I love to get sparkly ring
I love found shells at beach
I love have princess party (she drew a picture of beds. She means a slumber party)
Buy my own I-pod
Pet a hamster (I think she means have a hamster for a pet...yikes)
Purple sparkle nails
I love to get purple flowers (Operation Purple Blossom is underway in the Ellison garden)
Help zoo animals
Fly with fairies
To love

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