Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Li Zan has gone to Heaven first

It is with profound and consuming grief that we share with you that Li Zan, Meisyn's orphanage big brother, has passed unexpectedly from earth.  Every person who knew him is overwhelmed with the sadness of his life in the physical world having ended when the promise of a full future was ready to bloom.  He survived years of frailty, daunting Chinese winters, and one life saving heart surgery.  After 4 years of waiting he also finally had a forever family processing their paperwork to get him home.  They have lost their son.  May we hold them in our thoughts.
 Li Zan was loved deeply by his orphanage family.  He was a curious, clever and sometimes naughty boy who could not be trusted around little girl’s Barbie with a pair of scissors.  Barbie in a page boy was his idea.  Sometimes he didn’t want to study and had to stand in the corner for 5 minutes at the SWI school.  He was a boy who wanted to do what other boys do.  He had a special place he liked to climb in the wash room.  He fell from there onto the concrete floor and died of his internal injuries.  In the end it was his complicated heart that killed him.  The medicines to save his heart caused the bleeding not to be stopped.  He was unconscious and with others when he died at 3 PM 5/21/2013 Beijing Time.
Last night the girls were told of the accident while Li Zan still lie in a coma.  They drew pictures and wrote letters to him.  We all prayed for his healing and safety.  We know he is now healed and safe but how he will be missed! 

Today Meisyn only lasted one hour at school. She is dizzy, is feverish, and has a belly ache.  When she arrived home, I shared with her that Li Zan had passed to heaven.  She cried big sad tears for her friend.  But she smiled and said that now he could run a long, long way and not be tired.  His lips would be pink like hers.  Meisyn's eyes got very wide when I reminded her that she would run in heaven as well.  She immediately planned to challenge him in a foot race and squealed that she might even win!  She expressed that she hoped our little dog who recently passed would be there to play with him because he would really like that dog.
Dear Li Zan, boy that I prayed for many years, hugged on in China and now grieve over…your life matters.  It is honored.  It is appreciated.  May you come without your scissors in hand and take Meisyn’s when it is her turn to leave this realm.  I am counting on you to continue to be her big brother and keep her safe.

Li Zan, SAVE A PLACE FOR US http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbsBUf9VKyc

Stefani Ellison

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  1. Oh my heart weeps with little Meisyn and Li Zan's family. What a beautiful, caring response from sweet Meisyn in hoping her little dog was there to play with Li Zan, and in planning her foot race with him. What an incredible little girl sweet Meisyn is!!